Kilasme Wu 吳星螢

Kilasme Wu’s graduation film “Aphrodite” became the first student film ever to be commercially distributed throughout Taiwan and had earned her much recognition in the Asian film community. In her second project, the feature documentary “Create Something”, Kilasme compiled 6 years of footages where she followed the student socialism movement against raising tuition fee in Taiwan. The film went on a National Tour around every university and communities around Taiwan. In 2008, Kilasme founded “Showmove” to train new generation of filmmakers in Taiwan with the concept of integrating entertainment and culture to create a new form of appreciation for film arts.

Aphrodite 女神


This is a simple story that every day and every moment, with the blooming and fading. Upon hearing the tragic news of her parents’ death between winter and spring, Hai-Meng came back home from the school in the city to attend the funeral. The only thing her orchid loving parent had left her is an Taiwan origin breed orchid P.aphrodite named “Goddess No. 7” and her father’s research assisstant, Hsiao-Kuang. They had only meet a few times during summer and winter term breaks and now have to live together until the funeral ends and Goddess No.7 blooms. As her parent had left the message “Let our goddess come alive.” Silently, time ticked away in their wait. Every day and every moment, with the blooming and fading, sadness has tiptoed away. There’s a little cozy universe blooming in their heart and welcome the new blooming period of life to come.

2006 Taiwan Woman Makes Wave Film Festival – Best Short Drama

2006 Kodak Student Short Film Competition – Critic’s Choice, Best Cinematography, Best Editing

2007 Golden Harvest Awards – Best Student Film, Best Cinematography in a Student Film category, Best Arts Direction in a student film category.


Feature/Documentary/85mins/Black and White/HDV

The documentary Create Something is a compilation of over six years of footages, which follows the Anti-High Tuition Movement in Taiwan. What started out as a group of old friends demonstrating as activists, has over the years, inspirationally grew to a massive coalition that has successfully influenced countless Taiwanese education policies. Supported by many organisations and unions, the coalition is directly evident of the growing distress of education affordability for most Taiwanese.

However, the growing problem of access to basic affordable education is a global issue. Kilasme Wu, the director of the film states that “The issue of the matter is not an argument over a mere savings of a few hundred dollars for students and their families. How we shape the education of the coming generation is how we shape the society that we shall become.”  The documentary explores further into the realistic consequences of severe social disparity which is already growing from the diminishing middle class in Taiwan as well as around the world in other first world countries.

Kindly provided by the International Distributor, Gazing Element

2009 Kaohsiung International Film Festival – Best Documentary (The People’s Power Category).

2009 – 2010 Taiwan National Screening Tour

2010 California screening tour

2010 Malaysian Taiwan Women film festival

2010 Golden Horse Film Festival – Best Documentary nomination

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