Road in the Air 單車上路

Road in the Air 單車上路
Dir: Issac Li 李志薔


Chinese Trailer without subtitle. (The Screening will have English Subtitles)

Kuo is a hopeless teenage delinquent who sets fire to a convenience store and runs off on his bike.Lin is a timid police officer who, overwhelmed by his dangerous assignments, abandons his post. When the unlikely pair meets on the dangerously winding Su-hua Highway, a solid bond quickly develops between them due to their shared loneliness and troubled lives.

However, the sudden appearance of an aboriginal girl soon interrupts their journey. Helping the girl find her mother and a plant called “ Shimizu Juniper” becomes their priority, temporarily distracting them from their personal problems.

Along the way, the three encounter a Canadian girl whose answers to their queries regarding the “Shimizu Juniper” bring only more mysteries and challenges into their path. Faced with upcoming uncertainties, the disclosure of the truth will be more stunning than any of them could ever have imagined.

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