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Edinburgh Taiwan Film and Culture Festival is the first ever event to introduce Taiwanese films to Edinburgh, Scotland. We will be showcasing 4 feature films from 4 distinctly different directors, with the shorts they made before making the features.

The event will be be hosted in the Forest Cafe on Sat/8th/Jan/2011 from 12:00 till 23:00

Admission is FREE, we encourage everyone to donate at least 5 pounds to save forest Cafe from their financial difficulties!


Forest Café,3 Bristo Place

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH1 1EY


Head Event Organiser:

Angel Lin/Chiang Nai Yuan

Film Programmer/Festival Director

CP Lucas Kao

Event Assistant and Coordinator:

Catalina/Selena Chang/Jhenyi Wu/Robert Chou

Poster Designer:

Julia Wang


The Forest Cafe

Taipei Representative Office (Edinburgh)

Edinburgh Taiwanese Students’ Society


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