Emerging Directors 新台灣導演短片

A Lifetime by Lucas Kao 高智鵬 and Charmaine Gilbert


Inspired by the poem, A Lifetime by Ron Butlin, Edinburgh’s poet laureate, the film tells the story of Fiona, a woman in her 50s fascinated by the swans which recall her memory as a ballet dancer, a story about struggle to let go of her past…

* 3rd Place in Glenrothes Film Festival Short Film Competition 2010

* 3rd Place in Palme Dewar Short Film Competition

I Love You, Mum by Yu-Hsueh Lin 林佑學


Two years ago, Yu-Hsueh left Taiwan to live alone in the UK. Living far away from home made him realise how much he loves his mum. However, he’d never told her this in his entire life. With the help of technology, he is able to say “I LOVE YOU” to his mum face to face, even from such a long distance.

Belonging by Ming-YingLin 林明瑩

(Short/Fiction/17mins/Colour/Digi Beta)

A-Mei married Lao-Wang to become a Taiwanese wife, and gave birth to a son, Xiao-Jie. Lao-Wang worries all the time about their age difference and not being able to hold onto A-Mei’s heart; Xiao-Jie is having trouble getting along with his classmates at school; far away in Vietnam, A-Mei’s family also needs her financial aid. An encounter with Vietnamese A-Jin brings a ray of blazing afternoon sunshine into A-Mei’s formerly dreary life, reminding her of the beauty of her

homeland. But this also causes her to neglect her care of Xiao-Jie, arousing Lao-Wang’s suspicions…

Vincent by JoeyLee 林俊傑

(Short/Fiction/11mins/Colour/HD) Vincent is struggling with embarrassment of having to wear a girly costume for his upcoming school dance show.

Selected and screened in EIFF 2010 as part of the “Family Shorts”.

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